Teaching Improvisation in Japan


I had the pleasure and privilege of doing three workshops in improvisational theater / comedy during my stint in Japan. First, my colleague and fellow improviser, Quinn Buckner, and I taught ImproJapan a workshop on heightening and using emotions in improvisational scene work.



Later, I had the honor of playing with the comedy group, Pirates of Tokyo Bay at the What The Dickens! Pub. They will be celebrating their fifth anniversary! If you live in Tokyo, check them out! Weeks later, I would regroup with them to do a workshop on non-verbal scene work and sharing some core philosophies from Austin’s improv scene.

Lastly, in Osaka, Quinn and I coached a rehearsal with the talented Pirates of Dotombori (a sister troupe of the Tokyo group).  We worked on being positive and started slowly in your scene work.

I feel very lucky to have worked with groups international. The people of Japan (even the expats) are gracious host. Improvisation forms strong bonds between strangers and I hope this is not the last time we see each other.