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Edward Gorey Inspired Portraits


In November & December of 2013, The Hideout Theatre put up a production entitled  A Bedtime Gorey,  improvised bedtime stories inspired by the works of macabre illustrator, Edward Gorey. I was struck by the set design, costuming, and makeup of the improvisers so I decided to setup a few lights and capture it. Technical Specs Shot with an Alien Bee ABR800 with 56″ Moon unit reflector. …



I think I’ve boiled down the types of photography I try to do or end up trying inadvertently. Images of interesting things Interesting images of ordinary things Interesting images of interesting things I wonder what else there is.

Sweet Ritual – Vegan Ice Cream Parlor


Recently my friends opened a vegan ice cream store in Austin, Sweet Ritual. They asked me to take some quick photos of them and their nifty parlor. It’s located on 45th & Duval inside the same building as Daily Juice.. Despite whatever you doubts you may have, it’s absolutely delicious. As a lover of milk-based ice cream, I was dubious, but their ice cream far exceeded …