Web Design for ColdTowne Theater


One of Austin’s most beloved comedy theaters reached out to me to redesign their website and ticketing system. Fresh with new branding from the talented Bryan Keplesky, they needed a customized WordPress design with lots of features not easily found with plugins or themes. They needed a system to integrate with Eventbrite for their seven nights of live comedy. They required a system for their …

Edward Gorey Inspired Portraits


In November & December of 2013, The Hideout Theatre put up a production entitled  A Bedtime Gorey,  improvised bedtime stories inspired by the works of macabre illustrator, Edward Gorey. I was struck by the set design, costuming, and makeup of the improvisers so I decided to setup a few lights and capture it. Technical Specs Shot with an Alien Bee ABR800 with 56″ Moon unit reflector. …



I think I’ve boiled down the types of photography I try to do or end up trying inadvertently. Images of interesting things Interesting images of ordinary things Interesting images of interesting things I wonder what else there is.


Photo by Jon Bolden

I feel like I do dishes all the time. I have not had a dishwasher in several years. I couldn’t think of a single photo of washing dishes, so I took a few.

Sweet Ritual – Vegan Ice Cream Parlor


Recently my friends opened a vegan ice cream store in Austin, Sweet Ritual. They asked me to take some quick photos of them and their nifty parlor. It’s located on 45th & Duval inside the same building as Daily Juice.. Despite whatever you doubts you may have, it’s absolutely delicious. As a lover of milk-based ice cream, I was dubious, but their ice cream far exceeded …

Out of Bounds Promotional Photography


I’m so excited for the 10th Annual Out of Bounds Comedy Festival happening this month in Austin, TX. I’m hoping to stay busy with work during that time, so I’m offering a special reduced price rates for head shots and troupe photos for any participating in OoB. If you are interested, check out some of my recent work: About Me I’ve been shooting since I …