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2016 B.Iden Payne Awards for Theater


It was the morning after one of the best meals of my life. The previous evening, I had the distinct honor of dining at the illustrious Sukiyabashi Jiro in the Ginza district of Tokyo, Japan. My travel partner and I were even served from the man himself! I could still taste the meal when I started receiving text messages and emails from people attending the 41st Annual …

WordPress Design for Director of Photography, Ellie Ann Fenton

Belize Sky

I love Austin filmmakers. They are often the most hardworking yet most humble persons in a room. I’ve been fortunate enough to work some of the best. I’ve been building sites for a supertalent, PJ Raval, for years. I was introduced to director of photography, Ellie Ann Fenton and we worked over a summer to develop a streamlined, clean, and light website to feature her …