2016 B.Iden Payne Awards for Theater


It was the morning after one of the best meals of my life. The previous evening, I had the distinct honor of dining at the illustrious Sukiyabashi Jiro in the Ginza district of Tokyo, Japan. My travel partner and I were even served from the man himself! I could still taste the meal when I started receiving text messages and emails from people attending the 41st Annual B.Iden Payne Awards Ceremony, an awards ceremony recognizing outstanding theater in Austin, TX.

nothing-and-everything-b-iden-payne-award-2015Before I had left for Japan, I knew that the previous production of Nothing and Everything: Improvised Anton Chekhov Plays was up for a nominations in three categories: Outstanding ensemble, Best Improvisational Production, Best Director of Improvisation Production. I am honored to be the winner of two of these (along with the cast): Best Improvisational Production, and Best Director. I’m especially proud of the production because the show was a largely ensemble piece that required massive time and talent from many people involved at The Hideout Theatre. A special thanks to The Hideout staff and artistic directors / designers, Roy Janik and Kaci Beeler.

Thank you to all the B.Iden Payne Committee voting members, voting community members, and anyone that saw the production and said friendly things. I’m very grateful for the recognition and, most of all, feel lucky to be able to live in a city where a person can create their own projects and watch them soar. I won’t forget this!